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Smooth operations

As experienced wellsite geologists, Wellsite Geological Services plays a key role in all geological-related work on the rig.

Naturally we’re experts in all the physical aspects of wellsite geology, interfacing with specialist services such as biostratigraphy to the routine analysis of sample cuttings, identification of geological hazards and interpretation of complex LWD datasets, as well as expert handling in the high-cost capture of core.

We also excel at those areas that ensure every project runs smoothly, from communicating, reporting and presenting to supervising, mentoring and creating a safe working environment.

This means liaising with the geology and drilling departments, identifying and troubleshooting issues, executing safe working practices, creating daily reports, attending meetings, and instructing offshore teams of changes to the drilled plan in real-time as necessary.

Key areas of wellsite expertise

  • High Pressure
  • High Temperature
  • HPHT (Combined)
  • HS2 Environments
  • High Angle Wells
  • Extended Reach Wells
  • Horizontal Wells
  • Geosteering
  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Biosteering
  • Geological Hazards
  • Coring
  • MDT Pressure Tests/Fluid Sample Collection
  • CMR/MRIL Type Magnetic Resonance Tools
  • Imaging Logs
  • Pipe Conveyed Logging
  • Deepwater Drilling

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